Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions



We value your visit to the TripAyan ("TripAyan ", "we", "our", "us") website (collectively, the "Site"). This Site is issued by us purely to support clients gather travel information, verify the availability of travel-related goods and services, make lawful reservations or otherwise carry out business with travel service providers. Use of the Site is regulated by the Terms & Conditions stated as follows. This is whether the site is used to evaluate information or to book travel reservations (online or via our call center), or for any other reason. Further, you concur to these Terms & Conditions and agree they determine any reservations made with us for travels. Failure to agree with any part of these Terms & Conditions, will lead to forfeiture of the privilege to access the Site or use it for travel reservations. These Terms & Conditions are subject to changes without any prior warning and at any time. All amendments to the terms take effect immediately they are updated. Your continued access of the Site after the amendments denotes your acceptance of the new Terms & Conditions. Please revert to this page for time to time to be appraised with any updates.




Secure Sockets Layer (SSL),

technology is used by our servers. This encryption for information technology can be used in all major browser software used by TripAyan. It secures your confidential personal data.

All online transaction done using the TripAyan website are secure. TripAyan does not anticipate any case of credit card fraud. However, if such an abnormality take place and unauthorized transactions are recorded in your card while using the TripAyan website, we will not charge you any service fees arising from these unintended services.

When using the TripAyan website, online shopping provides greater security than credit card usage. This is because the online purchases bypass third party involvement. Further, the end to end data encryption from source to destination offers more privacy. Data can only be decrypted by an authorized device.

Millions of online transactions are safely completed, not only discretely but also quickly. Once you have transacted online at TripAyan, we're confident you will appreciate the benefits of secure internet transaction from the comfort of your home.

TripAyan will reimburse the expense, up to the full $50, in the event that your credit card has been fraudulently utilized while on the TripAyan site, as per the Fair Credit Billing Act. The refund is conditional to your prompt notification to your credit card company of this fact.


General Disclaimer

TripAyan is only a platform through which third-party vendors transacting in travel related activities ("Travel Suppliers"). These include airlines, hotel chains, cruise liners, railroad operators and car rental agencies. Others are the tour operators and consolidators, insurance companies, travel assist service providers as well as activities suppliers. These will offer travel related services including, air travel, accommodation and car rentals (each a "Service Element").

Using this Site subjects you to automatic allusion to your acceptance of the rates issued by TripAyan and affiliate companies. These rates which are inclusive of fees, taxes and other levies, are figures that have been negotiated between TripAyan and the Travel Suppliers. When this site is used to transact with any Travel Supplier, you permit Dana Travel and its affiliates to make reservations or an undertaking - on your behalf - with Travel Suppliers. Further, you confirm your willingness to pay for the amount displayed. The amount tendered are usually inclusive of fees, applicable taxes or levies.

Any errors or inaccuracies occurring on the Site will not be blamed on TripAyan. Further, any inability by the travel suppliers to deliver services to you through this Site, will not be apportioned to TripAyan. The travel management services offered by TripAyan, do not constitute the endorsement, guarantee or alludes to the products or services which are provided by an external vendor. It also does not confirms to the financial standing of such suppliers or assure reimbursement to you from any loss arising out of the financial condition of such supplier. If a supplier willfully dishonors their obligations to you where payment has been remitted, your only remedy for a refund shall be from the absconding vendor, through insurance claims over such defaults if any, or from other responsible third party unless such loss was caused entirely by TripAyan. Where a vendor rescinds before provision of agreed services, you may apply means permitted by law or statutes to seek a refund.

Apart from explicit notice herein, any actions related to travel services beyond TripAyan or its employees' control can not be blamed on us. Any occurrences and liabilities leading to travel delays, payment impropriety, service omissions, loss, accidents during travel, negligence, nonperformance, or any consequence thereof, which may be occasioned through neglect, or failure to pay or any other act or ineffectiveness of any supplier of the Travel Products and Services, shall not be held against TripAyan shall not be responsible for any price changes, flight schedule changes or substitutions of equipment or accommodation changes for any travel service, which happens after reservation and payment for such service. TripAyan shall not be accountable for any cancellation, industrial action, inclement weather, overbooking, governmental issues, delays, re-routing, which may impact on your travel arrangement procured through us. TripAyan shall further, not be responsible for the interpretation of travel products and services availed by any vendor of travel products and services, including photographs, listed amenities, ratings, and discounts.

TripAyan represents value addition to retail travel agents and clients. TripAyan has no jurisdiction over and is not responsible for the actions of the vendors from whom it secures travel products or services.

TripAyan shall not be held legally responsible for any currency conversion fluctuations when paid after a travel booking is made with us for international travel products and services. You concur that currency rates may vary and any quotation on the Site in local currency is a guide. We and the vendor of travel products and services are under no obligation to commit to them.

After particular travel bookings have been reserved and payment made, they may not be reimbursable. In some instances, there may be a charge on cancellation or a refund. TripAyan jurisdiction over the quoted ticket charges are non-existent. In some occasions, invoices may reflect BT (bulk fare). In most cases, however, they may show definite amounts, which may be different (lower or higher) than the fare collected.

Discounts allowed may be different due to several factors. These may relate to airlines booked, the level of service, destination, periods of the year (low, mid or high season), and a prior notice provided, stay duration requirements achieved as well as the flight load.

 Advertisements made on TripAyan does not assure, promote, support or validate alternative suppliers' products and services.

 By booking through us, an agreement may be initiated between you and a Travel vendor, and supplementary Terms & Conditions may be applicable to your reservations and procurement of travel-related goods and services. Please carefully review to the other Terms & Conditions provided by such Travel vendor. You hereby accept to be bound by all the purchase Terms & Conditions obligated by any Travel vendor whose services you choose to utilize. These could include payment of amounts due and fulfillment of the Travel vendor's rules and regulations regarding access to and utilization of products, or tickets or services. Some Travel vendors may request for a deposit upon check-in (in credit card or cash) to safeguard against additional expenditures incurred during your residence or during the utilization of the reserved products or services. Such deposit is not associated with any payment made to TripAyan for your hotel accommodation, car or airline ticket reservation. You realize that any breach of a Travel vendor's rules and regulations may lead to the termination of your reservation(s), in rejection of access to the respective aspects of services, in your forfeiture of any amount paid for such reservation(s), and/or in our deducting your account for any expenses we incur due to such contravention.




Through the usage of this Site, you consent to never make any claims against TripAyan, its affiliates and any of its directors, contractors and agents. Further, you agree not to hold any of its agents, employees and staff liable for:

• any loss or destruction of property or harm to any in case a result of any defect, carelessness, or some wrongful act of omission of, or improper performance of any kind by any Travel vendor.

 • any inconveniences, mental anguish, loss of utility or similar matter;

 • any delays in departure, disruptions during connections, accommodation substitution, cancellation of service, or increment in fares and rates;

• any double-booking of reservation or tickets beyond acceptable control of TripAyan; and

• any allegation of arising out of or in relation to air and other transport system, products or events taking place (or not) in connection to your travel plans. TripAyan will categorically not be held liability for flights cancellation, missed trips, connecting flights changes proposed by the respective airlines.

The liability will be distributed between you and TripAyan. The limitations mentioned in these Rules and Regulations shall continue to be in force even where limited respite does not cover the essential purpose.



You concur to protect and indemnify TripAyan, its affiliates, partners, joint venture and their respective suppliers as well as directors, managers, employees and agents from any claims, demands, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties and other incidental arising from:

 • you or on your behalf for the above mentioned liabilities;

 • by third parties consequential to your breach of these rules and Regulations, or document referred to on the Site;

• your violence of any law or the right of a third party; or

 • your usage of the Site


If you have a misunderstanding with a travel product or service vendor(s), including airlines, hotels, cruise lines, trains, car rentals, tour operators, vacation packages, insurers, you will exclude TripAyan, out agents, employees, directors, joint ventures from claims, demands and all incidental, consequential and/or direct damages caused by or connected to any of these disputes



TripAyan is allowed to gather information from travelers for the purpose of watch list screening. Kindly refer to our Privacy Policy, which also regulates your visit to this Site to comprehend our practices. The TripAyan Privacy Policy gives the details on how we protect and disseminate your personal information. In case of any objection, you are advised not to access this Site.


Protecting your Security

To guarantee against unauthorized usage of your debit or credit card, may verify your name, address and contact number issued during the reservation of services from applicable third party databases. Through your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, you consent to our undertaking a verification exercises. During the process, you accept that your records could be shared with a reputable Credit Reference Bureau. However, all details gather will be strictly protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act of.


Your age confirm - above 18 years - legal mandate to make a Contract enables you to transact on this site. In case you are accessing the site on someone else's behalf, you agree to update the person as to the Site's Terms & Conditions. You also allude to being financially liable for this purpose (as well as your accounts usage on their behalf). Further, you confirm that all information provided on their behalf are current and correct. Any misrepresentation, falsehood and fraud is prohibited.

You must display internet courtesy and applicable laws whenever you access this Site for services, uploads or contacts with other users. In case of any breach, you concur to indemnify the affect party. All materials shared in the Site cease to be confidential and proprietary. We can share you indemnify with third party in case of any claims to intellectual property and shall not be held liable to any third party as a result of materials uploaded in the Site. Further, we reserve the right to remove any record which in our assessment, does not conform to the mentioned Terms & Conditions.


You confirm that the services procured in this Site shall be utilized for legitimate reasons by yourself or your agent. You further confirm that abuse of the Site facilities may subject you to being blacklisted from accessing this Site. You understand that you should not use robots, spider or web scrapper and other automated programs to monitor, bypass or stifle access controls imposed. No copying modification, distribution, transmission, display or sell of any contents, software obtained from this Site is allowed.

You consent to the fact that you will not apply a frame or border environment bordering the Site, mirror or replicate any segment of the Site, nor sell, transfer, offer for sale any part of the Site in any nature to any third party.

You accept you will not employ any device, software that interrupts or attempt to interrupt, with the sound functioning of this Site. You will not mask the source of data you upload into this Site. You agree not to willfully misuse the Site through the distribution and introduction of viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs and other potentially harmful, offensive and malicious technology. You may not try to illegally access the Site, the server, or the database system wired to the website.

You must not apply denial-of-service salvos to the Site. We will not be responsible for any loss or damages arising out of a concerted denial-of-service attempts, viruses and other harmful technology which may interrupt the normal functioning of your computer, program, data or other intellectual materials as a result of your usage of our Site or downloading from our website.

We may cancel your TripAyan account if, at our discretion, suspects that you violate the above provisions.



For accurate information, the application of the Terms & Conditions shall denote the following: "Service Element" - a product or service that can be procured independent of our service. "Travel Supplier" a contractor for one or several Service Elements (viz. hotels, airlines). TripAyan only acts as a third party contact for the processing of these Service Elements, as described above. "Booking" - an agreed contract with the Travel Suppliers fulfilled by you using the Site for processing the Service Element(s) to reach a compromised agreement with the Travel Suppliers and when full payment are obtained.

Booking process is only validated after the completion of the following steps: You accept the offer for the Service Elements provided. Acceptance of the same is through the acceptance of "Book" on the payment page (refer to "Review Trip Details and Book") of the Site.

The offer becomes valid then and can not be withdrawn). It process denotes your acceptance of purchasing Service Element(s) from Travel Supplier(s) through the site, subject to TripAyan acceptance of the same.

Even when TripAyan confirms the process, it does not result in a contractual obligation but simply an acknowledgement of our receipt of your offer. The same still needs to be confirm with the relevant Service Elements(s).

On confirmation of the availability of the specified Service Element, your Booking is activated and only finalized upon the receipt of full payment. The contract between you and the Travel Supplier will confine o the Service Elements sought and confirmed with email with ticket of airlines or reservation details of hotels as the case may be.

The Conditions of your Booking (including prices, dates of travel, etc) are not assured until a contract is entered in by you and the relevant Travel Supplier(s) and tickets awarded or room reservation confirmed by the Travel Supplier. The process is not valid for cancellation of further changes are this stage, unless under our sole discretion.

You are expected to be in possession of a Government-issued Id document clearly bearing your photo during your travel duration. For security reasons, you have requested to produce the same for verification when booking flights, reserving accommodation, renting car as well as procuring services within our Site.

On addition to the above, you are expected to possess proof of citizenship (Passport) document for international travels. Make sure other ancillary requirements or international travels such as visa, health certificates, etc are valid and correct for the countries you may wish to visit including transiting through. Further clarifications such as the minimum applicable period and other conditions of your passport and health document, please contact local consulate of the travel destination country.

TripAyan and its affiliates will not be held responsible for failure to abide with the set requirement from your side. Further, no claims for loses or refunds arising out of such scenarios shall be entertained.

• Government entry/exit fees dependent on your destinations

• They are additional to your Booking charges and your sole responsibility

• If it is a group booking, all travelers must commuter on the same itinerary. Individual passengers may not be added or withdrawn from the group.

TripAyan may correct an errors in the advertised fares and provide you with an option of either cancelling the Booking or paying the differences in the fares as provided through the use of the same credit or debit card previously used during the original payment.

• Particular Service Element showed in your Booking as listed by the respective Travel Supplier.

• Frequent flyer points may or may not be available for any segment of your Booking. Please confirm situation with your responsible Travel Supplier.

You Booking will have been fulfilled on the travel date noted in the ticket information email, and if no material date is specified, on the date when the ticket is issued, unless under extraordinary conditions.

The terms of this contract appends the terms of each airlines contract of travel. Passengers are advised to review the conditions with the respective Service Provider's airport or ticket offices. Passengers are entitles to free email information detailing the full terms and conditions of their carriage contract including

(1) Limitations to airlines liabilities for personal injury and death, loss of goods and baggage.

(2) Claims time restrictions regarding duration during which such claims can be reported.

(3) Airlines right as regards amendments to the terms of contracts. 

(4) Confirmation of reservations, check-in-ties, and restricted items regulations.

(5) Rights and restrictions of the airlines relevant to delays in offering service, failure to offer service, including changes made to the schedule of flights, substitute airline or aircraft and deviation from recorded routes.


Fee structure, taxes and payments

Booking include all taxes applicable for airlines, hotel accommodations, car rentals and other activities, unless specified. Additional charges related to fuel surcharge, security, baggage, set reservation, hotel incidentals may be levied by your relevant Travel Supplier. Payment of these additional charges are your responsibility. Kindly check directly with your relevant Travel Supplier on their applicability.

Prices provide in the Service Element(s) do not cover insurances, collision damage, personal injuries, accident insurance, drop-off charges, gas, child safety, sky racks or miscellaneous hotel room charges for hotels.

Payment for these charges must be made via debit and credit cards at the time of Booking. You may be required to have in your possession a valid credit or debit card during the hotel check-in or at the scheduled car hire pick-up point to cover for any additional charges. The card must be in the name used for Booking.

All Travel prices, offers and other requirements may conditional to:

• changes

• advance purchase, eligibility

• restrictions on travel days, stay durations, seasons, stop-overs and wait listing.

• one year's reservation limitation

• availability of service

"Warsaw Convention" provision may come into effect when your final destination is different from your country of trip origin. This convention govern airline's liabilities in regards to the personal injury of death of passengers as well as loss of personal property.

We are not responsible for the credit /debit card verification errors, transactions declines as well as changes to fare that may take place during the card verification duration. In the event the procurement of a Travel Service is not completed, the approval code may credit your bank account for such costs.


The "Montreal Convention" and the "Warsaw Convention" govern travel treaties where the travel destination is in a country different from the origin of the journey. However, the death and loss limitations can be covered by buying insurance policies from private companies. Please appraise their limitation from the insurance companies' agents.


Applicable airline restrictions rules are in force during any changes made to the flights or reservations already confirmed. Tickets, hotels, car rentals and other packages do not condone alterations to names, destinations and dates after confirmation. TripAyan is not obliged to confirm and guarantee alterations made by the Supplier, upon your request, after the first booking has been confirmed.



Generally, most airlines do not accept cancellations. Where cancellation is accepted, the changes must be effected before the flight check-in time through contacting our customer care centers. In such a situation, credit is usually issued for future bookings on the same airline and which is valid for a specified duration. In case you want to book alternative flight, you may use the airline credit to do so, while paying the fare differences, penalties imposed by the airlines and TripAyan ticket change fees. These fees are specific to individual airlines fare rules and policies, which are beyond our jurisdiction.

Apart from fees to be paid to agents used to aid in the location of preferred new flights nd re-book, no further charges are envisaged.


When traveling with more than one airline to reach your designated destination, ensure you review the rules and regulations in terms of fees, restrictions, baggage weights, check-in times, and charges of each airline you propose to use. We recommend that you have a printout of your out and in bound itinerary during the check-in. You may also be requested for a return journey details during check-in.


After 24 hours of booking most of the confirmed reservations are not refundable. However, cancellations are accepted 10 day before the scheduled travel. Through contacting TripAyan customer care offices, the cancellation may be effected, through telephone calls only. Refunds are allowed under the following conditions:

• a telephone and cancellation request has been lodged with our customer care office and fare regulations permits such cancellations and refunds.

• you have not committed a "no show". Cancellation made after the flight time are not acceptable.

• The Travel Supplier has granted TripAyan cancellation and refund waivers.

Even when refund applications are accepted, TripAyan is not in a position to determine how long the refund process will take. We will confirm the receipt of cancellation notice via email and issue you with a tracking number. We will contact the responsible Travel Supplier to work out the modalities of the refund depending on their specific guidelines in relations to your refund application. Processing of this request is entire dependent on the specific supplier. After the receipt of the refund approval from the supplier, additional time may be required for the refunded sums to reflect in to your credit card statement. Generally, a duration of up to 90 days from the day you lodge your refund application is needed to view the refund in your statement.

The process is also subject to the applicable Post Ticketing fees - evaluated after the supplier authorization or waiver receipt - will be charged by us.

Groups eligible for our Compassion Exception Policy are entitled to some waiver.

During your request for Service Element(s) cancellation, TripAyan may provide you with a unique password for travel cancellation purposes. The passport should be issued to your travel agents assisting in the cancellation process, in order to finalize the process. Further, a link to initiate a self cancellation process by also be provided for this purpose.

Do note that this password is valid for only 3 hours during which time you must complete your cancellation procedure. Otherwise, you will be forced to call the customer care for another cancellation password after the expiry of this period.


TripAyan provide promotion codes valid for certain online travel bookings. The codes may be redeemed through services procured through our customer care services via telephone.

We also encourage subscription to our newsletters which provides promotional codes and other valuable travel information.

By using our promotion codes contains the actual discounts given for service fees or Travel Assist charges, which entitle you to a maximum discount of 70%. The promotion codes are not transferable, saleable or tradable for cash.

The value of discount is accessed through the submission of the promotion code to the link provided on the payment page. Failure to enter the code renders the code irredeemable. You are entitled to decline the purchase of the items whose promo link is not available or whose code is not accepted due to technical reasons. However, the credit will not apply once you have made the purchase.

TripAyan reserves the right to alter and withdraw the promo codes without any prior notice, even when the promo is still displayed on other affiliate sites.

The recourse to technical errors arising during the time of redeeming the promo codes is not refuse make the purchase.

The promo code is invalidated when the offer is withdrawn. The site will not process such codes after the withdrawal has been effected. The previous normal rates applies when purchases are procured.

The price displayed (with or without the promotion code) is the ruling prices to be billed.

The promo code form TripAyan are not eligible for combination with other prevailing offer(s). In the event that an erroneous bill is displayed due to promo code malfunction, we reserve the right to decline the same and bill the normal prices applicable.



In the event that the Service Supplier institutes a fare change during the period which your payment is under processing, you will receive this notification. If you do not wish to continue with the purchase process due to the price adjustments, you will not be charged. However, if you elect to continue with the payment, the new rate in force will be applicable.

Upon processing of your payment, TripAyan guarantees that we will abide by the price and offer the services paid for regardless of any subsequent price fluctuation.



TripAyan acknowledges credit and debit cards issued in the US, Canada and other countries listed in the schedule of eligible countries.

Your credit card may be billed several times up to the amount payable. In the event the payment is not processed, we will inform you of the fact within 24 hours.

We guarantee the security of all payment made within out site. All hotel car rental and excursion bookings are only confirmed after the confirmation of the reservation details. Some services may require prepayment before confirmation is executed.

If, in our opinion, certain services are high risks, we will undertake an independent verification before we can approve transaction processing. Please contact your bank to establish the duration of such verification exercise.


Most tickets for services booked are available electronically (e-tickets). However, where e-ticket is not dispensed, a paper ticket may be issued. Please check how long it takes to deliver such ticket.

The ticket will be delivered via reputable courier services and the cost of such shipment will be charged to the ticket holder's card. The shipping rates will be displayed and you have the option of declining the service to avoid the shipment costs.

TripAyan will not be held responsible for the delivery of ticket to a wrong address, delays in delivery and redelivery. You may pay more for these additional reroutes.

For e-ticket, details of the same will be displayed on the Site.


All credit cards must be verifiable in their billing address. The list of countries hose credit cards are acceptable are displayed in the drop down menu of the check-out page.

All bookings are only confirmed after the tickets have been issued by the supplier. Some hotels, car rentals and vacation packages' booking are only finalized after they issue a confirmation note via email. If payment are made via debit or credit cards, we usually issue an authorization for the amount equivalent to the bill. As such, a temporary hold on the amount is instigated and you can not access the funds. The funds are released when you are not able to confirm the booking.

If your card payment is declined, you will be notified with 72 hour of such as occurrence. We are not responsible for such an action by the supplier.

Decline may be caused by unavailability of spaces, fare charges or due to insufficient funds.

Stringent safety measure on card transaction are in place and TripAyan will report any fraud to the relevant service Suppliers and state law authorities.

Once purchases and been confirmed and tickets delivered to your mail, you will be liable to pay the amount billed. You will still reimburse us for credit card disputes where genuine service purchase was made via our site.

We record all telephone conversation made to our customer care departments during normal transactions. These records may be used as references in case of any dispute.

The credit card transactions is executed when the terms and conditions are accepted and commences with the purchase.

Where certain transactions are considered risky, we may contact you bank and institute a verification process before commencing with the transactions.


We will notify you of a transaction decline by your card within 72 hours of its happening. You have a right to decline the transaction if there has been a price adjustment during the payment processing period.


Requests made for seats, meals, frequent flyers miles, etc are subject to availability. Please check with the respective airlines for their availability.


Excess weight are subject to surcharges varying from one airline to another. We encourage carrying of luggage within weight limitations. Extra weight is expensive, ranging from $15 to $200. Processing of the excess weight baggage is also time consuming.


When you have connecting flight between your destinations, you may have to retrieve you baggage and check on in afresh at the connecting airport. In case of excess weight, you may be required to pay for the additional weight to the subsequent airline. Note that the charges and weight limitations vary from airline to another.

To locate the fees on baggage check-in by airline, please visit our baggage fees.


Baggage liability in the US is restricted to $3,300 per passenger. For international flights, the Montreal convention is applicable. This sets the liability to 1,311 Special Drawing Rights (approximately $1,700) per passenger. For Warsaw Conventions, the baggage limit is set at $20 per kg for cabin bags and $400 per passenger for unchecked baggage. These are however, ignored when higher values have been declared and paid for during the check-in. Airlines are not responsible for the damage to fragile or perishable products. Contact particular airlines for their policies on specific items.


Optional airline services are available with your bookings without seat pre-reservations or checked baggage.

When you transact these options, there charges shall be over the normal flight fare and subject to availability. We advise you directly contact the airlines for these products you may procure through our Site, since we are only their agents.

The aggregate liability arising from purchase of such optional services is peaked at the purchase price for such products.


Airline policy on schedule changes:

Airlines are governed by individual rules and policies which are beyond our control when it comes to schedule changes. Mostly, airlines makes changes on operational flights depending with the needs arising. The changes can range from alteration of departure time, flight route, and date of departure to termination of the flight. Termination of a flight can result from excessive or shortage of passengers, fuel prices, political crisis, natural calamities, labour unrests, internal organization problems, and winding up of the airline.

TripAyan does not bear any liability on inconveniences that are caused by flight cancelation. All changes made by airlines will be communicated to you via email. This is the changes are made 4 hours before the flight’s time.

Date of departure;

When at the airport it important to communicate with your respective attendant for information about your flight. It is also essential to keep contact with airline before reaching at the airport to be updated of any changes or to inform them of your situation. That will help them plan how you will be helped. Ticket are non refundable even when delays extend over four hours. We will not be held responsible for cancelled flights, missed flights, connection problems and flight alteration made by airlines.

Customers’ obligation

It is advisable to regularly update yourself with the changes on your flight and confirm the availability of the flight within 1 to two and a half days.

Customers notification

When they are changes, we will inform you via emails and phone calls. You will receive at least three emails and one call to notify you on changes. Failure to receive notifications on time can make you miss a plane.

Services provided

TripAyan bridges the gap between you and the airline company. We can help you negotiate your situation with the airline and be refunded when required. We work to protect the customers and keep them aware of things that might cost them their flights and value of their flights.


Overbooking of flights is an airline’s liability and those affected should be compensated. You should not miss seat unless you do it willingly. The airline can decide to deny customers seats depending on their priority. Late arrivals may lead to you missing a seat prompting you to wait for another flight or request to be refunded money. The rules governing compensations and airlines boarding priority can be accessed at the airport counters. Some airlines however, do not enforce these customer protection in foreign countries. Consult directly with the airlines involved.

UNACCOMPANIES MINOR Airlines can not allow purchase of tickets by person under 18 years and who is not accompanied. Airline policies on unaccompanied minors differ. Some do not allow them to travel, others require them to be accompanied by an adult while others may impose additional charges to cover for the anticipated inconvenience.


Verification of travel documents is a must in most airlines. TripAyan will not be responsible for inconvenience caused by lack of proper documents. You should liaise with the necessary authorities to put your documents in order. Visit www.travel.state.gov for visa requirements and regulations.

Your booking with TripAyan does not guaranteed automatic acceptance into the destination country. All information provided by our staff must be verified through relevant government authorities.

General restrictions

Confirm all itinerary with the responsible airlines. Reconfirm status 24 hours before local travel flights and 72 hours before international journeys. Keep in touch with the airline for changes on your flight.

When you have special requirements such like stretcher or wheelchair needs, you should contact the airline with this request on time. In the event you need an upgrade on your ticket, you should make the request on time and follow up the issue.


TripAyan will not be responsible for ticket processing errors that arise as a result of incorrect information or inability of the Service supplier to verify your credit card or as a result of technical complications during payment processing, lack of enough money on your credit card, etc. In the decline is due to fare changes, the you will have an option to decline the service. We will notify you of the decline within three days of the report. All fares are preliminary and confirmed only after payment is processed.


You are expected to verify all details provided to our ticketing agents foe completeness and accuracy. Upon discovery of an error(s), please notify our customer care within 4 hours of making such booking to correct the abnormalities. We will endeavor to rectify them on time and compensate you.


The travel is responsible for the confirmation of flight details provided. Any errors in the itinerary details should immediately be relayed to the TripAyan customer care offices for correction. When there are mistakes you should report them to TripAyan within four hours since the time of booking. Failure to report such mistakes after 4 hours of receipt will be construed to mean your acceptance of the misrepresented itinerary and will be held liable. Review and internalize your itinerary.


Federal law prohibits carrying of certain materials. Dangerous items such as weaponries and poisonous substances are not allowed onboard. Carrying such materials can attract a jail term of five years or a fine of $250,000. For detailed schedule of prohibited good, please contact the airline directly.


Some international laws demand for aircrafts to be sprayed with insecticides. Details on these can be accessed via www.dot.gov/office-policy/aviation-policy/aircraft-disinfection-requirements)


Features and information of the hotels provide to you can change and TripAyan is not responsible for such changes. Special requirements may be required for you to receive special treatment in certain hotels.

Some hotels offer airport transfer services. Please confirm schedule, rates and payments with the respective hotels.

Pet policies

Pet policies vary depending with the hotel you choose hence it is vital to get in touch with the hotel to know the policies.

Pre-paid reservations

Pre-paid reservation is paid for during the tie of booking. The charges will cater for basic things such as room and beddings.

Pre-paid booking vouchers

TripAyan sends you details of the voucher you chose when booking. You should provide those details when checking-in.

Book now, pay later bookings

Your credit card is used to cater for this kind of reservation. It is imperative to directly contact the hotel of your choice for relevant information.

Meal plans

There are various meal plans that you can choose when selecting a hotel. Some plans include all-inclusive, full board and half board. It is your obligation to put up with the rules stipulated by the hotel you choose.

• Room only denotes no meals are included in the rates.

• Self catering indicates meals are included in the pricing but you need to prepare the meals yourself using the availed facilities.

 • Bed & Breakfast means breakfast inc included in the charge.

• Half board shows you breakfast and evening meals is catered for in the charges indicates.

• Full board states you have breakfast, lunch, and evening meals catered in the charges shown therein.

• All inclusive indicate all meals and drinks (up to midnight) are catered for.

Hotel changes, cancellation and refunds

When any changes happen it is important to seek direct assistance from the hotel.

No show policy

You should inform the hotel in advance that you will not be able to show up for your reservation to avoid penalties.

Hotel confirmation

TripAyan will send you confirmation details of the hotel you have reserved upon confirmation by that hotel. Your reservation and details will be secured after confirmation.

All about changes, cancellation and refunds

Changes, cancellation and refunds can be affected by certain factors. Lack of rooms, special events, departure before schedule, extended stay and others can affect cancellation and refunds.

Payment, taxes and fees

At times you will be required to pay taxes and fees which can arise from TripAyan soliciting a hotel for you or the taxes stipulated by the country’s authorities. The taxes and fees will be deducted from your credit or debit card.


A non-refundable service fee of $ 25 dollars will be charged when booking with TripAyan for renting a car. You will be liable for all the fees charged when renting a car. You should also have a varied driving license.

Payment taxes and fees

When renting a car, all charges will catered by you, you are also supposed to pay a service fee of $ 10 for cancellation or changes.

Other restrictions

Some rental cars will only honor your reservation for a maximum of 24 hours depending on the time of arrival you had indicated. Any changes that may make you late should be communicated in time to adjust with your needs.


TripAyan has the authority to change vocational and package terms and condition. TripAyan displays the changes on vacation on its website. All vocational charges are non-refundable. Once you pay in full, it is a gesture that you have accepted the stipulated terms and conditions. You need to provide a national ID and a valid passport for international flights.

Cancellation by suppliers

When a supplier of a service you had booked cancels the service, TripAyan will work tirelessly to find another option. TripAyan will not be responsible for failures caused by the travel supplier or cater for reimbursement of the lost funds.


Flight components

You remain tied to the terms and conditions of the flight company. No changes are guaranteed unless it is possible to achieve them. You cannot transfer your vacation package, flight ticket or travel destination to another person in most cases.

Hotel components

You are also tied to the rules and regulations of the hotel. You can at times change from one level of hotel to another within the same hotel. Use of services not paid will attract charges.

Car rentals

The class of the car hired cannot be lowered without your consent. No refunds for failure to use the services. You will be surcharged for services outside those stipulated during booking.


TripAyan connects you with the third party in provision of travel services needed during travelling. TripAyan will not be responsible for any losses or inconveniences caused by the travel service providers through negligence, commission or omission. Any compensation will be made in line with the regulations of the service provider. It is important to buy a travel protection when booking for a flight to cover you against unforeseen emergencies. Confirmations are made through emails.


TripAyan is open to comments and reviews about its services and products from its account members. TripAyan has the right to curtail any remarked construed as being defamatory, vulgar, inappropriate and contravenes the Terms & Conditions set remarks.

Remember that the use and reproduction of our name, logo, likeness may lead to infringement of our copyrights. You should be sensitive and responsible for any remarks you make since legal actions may be taken against you.

If you intend to post some remarks on other social media, you may seek express permission to do so from TripAyan. Note that the copyright laws are applicable in such situations.

Any personal information listed in the feedback or review may be accessed by our affiliates and used in public. You may not hold us responsible for such incidences.


Any bleach of copyright is not taken rightly by TripAyan. Necessary legal action is taken against infringement of our copyrights on accordance with the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitations Acts of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA Notice). You must clearly define the material whose copyright has been infringed.

Repeat Infringers

Consistent infringers will be blocked from using their respective accounts.


TripAyan can discretely terminate an account of a user who consistently infringe into other people’s copyrights. You should report any person who repeatedly infringe into copyrights and intellectual property.


Failure by the rightful owner of a copyright means that you can continue using the property. You can counter claims of infringement through sending a fax or email to TripAyan and follow the process on our site.



Authority to send communication

By making transactions with TripAyan, you give TripAyan the authority to send you communications through messaging, phone calls, emails or through other electronic devices.


Resolution of disputes

Handling and solving of dispute must be effective to ensure that customers’ needs are meet. You should launch your issue by contacting TripAyan customer care desk. Resolving of the conflict must involve all the parties concerned.

Governing law; submissions to Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions of TripAyan are governed by the laws of Bangladesh. Any conflict touching on TripAyan shall be resolved through the court of law in the State of Dhaka unless the concerned parties decide to solve it through mutual agreement of through arbitration. Any issues must be brought forward within a period of two years.

Restricted Countries

We don’t sell airline’s Tickets & Hotels reservation “Israel”; if some customers booked any services to mentioned countries through our website we will cancel the booking without any notice.

Improperly Field claims

All claims must be filed and be consistent with the “Resolution of Disputes” section. Any claims that do not follow this section will be termed wrongly filed.

Registered seller of travel

TripAyan register  in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


TripAyan has the authority to allow you to use the site with or without reasons whether with notice or not.


Invalid or provisions which are hard to enforce will only be enforced to the levels stipulated by the existing laws. The application of the provision will not affect other provisions.

No waiver

Failure by TripAyan to observe all the terms and conditions will not attract any loss or indicate that the terms and conditions will be loosened. The only waiver that will be acceptable is that which has been legally signed by an authorized member of TripAyan.



For prompt response to your queries, visit our Customer care Centre or write to us at: support@tripayan.com or info@tripayan.com Phone: +0255103344.