Cancellation & Refund Policy


After 24 hours of booking most of the confirmed reservations are not refundable. However, cancellations are accepted 10 day before the scheduled travel. Through contacting TripAyan customer care offices, the cancellation may be effected, through telephone calls only. Refunds are allowed under the following conditions:

• a telephone and cancellation request has been lodged with our customer care office and fare regulations permits such cancellations and refunds.

• you have not committed a "no show". Cancellation made after the flight time are not acceptable.

• The Travel Supplier has granted TripAyan cancellation and refund waivers.

Even when refund applications are accepted, TripAyan is not in a position to determine how long the refund process will take. We will confirm the receipt of cancellation notice via email and issue you with a tracking number. We will contact the responsible Travel Supplier to work out the modalities of the refund depending on their specific guidelines in relations to your refund application. Processing of this request is entire dependent on the specific supplier. After the receipt of the refund approval from the supplier, additional time may be required for the refunded sums to reflect in to your credit card statement. Generally, a duration of up to 90 days from the day you lodge your refund application is needed to view the refund in your statement.

The process is also subject to the applicable Post Ticketing fees - evaluated after the supplier authorization or waiver receipt - will be charged by us.

Groups eligible for our Compassion Exception Policy are entitled to some waiver.

During your request for Service Element(s) cancellation, TripAyan may provide you with a unique password for travel cancellation purposes. The passport should be issued to your travel agents assisting in the cancellation process, in order to finalize the process. Further, a link to initiate a self cancellation process by also be provided for this purpose.

Do note that this password is valid for only 3 hours during which time you must complete your cancellation procedure. Otherwise, you will be forced to call the customer care for another cancellation password after the expiry of this period.